Our Mission is to provide living options and support to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities that respects their individual dignity and human worth and enhances their self-reliance, self esteem, safety and involvement in the local community.

At Summer House, Inc., we are committed to providing quality support and services to people with developmental disabilities. To provide quality programs, we rely on the help and cooperation of the people we support, our staff, and people like family, friends and other professionals who are involved in the person’s life, or their “Circle of Support.” We believe that developing relationships with people is a critical and instrumental element to supporting people the way they want to be supported.

We believe that each individual must have the freedom to make their own choices and have those choices honored. This can be based on the individual’s unique social network, circumstances, personality, needs, abilities, and preferences. At the same time, we know that many people have not had a lot of practice in decision-making. So we want to make sure that they have as much support as they wish and need to learn, grow and live in their home. Sometimes it requires more structure; sometimes it will require giving more space. Sometimes it means that we honor the individual’s right to assume risk in an informed manner.

While much of our focus remains promoting independence of daily living skills, we also address the range of needs required for people to live in group situations, live independently, participate in their community, and be successful in their jobs. Our approach to working with people is recognizing that each individual has potential for lifelong learning and growth and we meet them where their skills and abilities need our support

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Painting by a Davis Summer House resident.

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