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Our Mission is to provide living options and support to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities that respects their individual dignity and human worth and enhances their self-reliance, self esteem, safety and involvement in the local community.

At Summer House, Inc., we are committed to providing quality support and services to people with developmental disabilities. To provide quality programs, we rely on the help and cooperation of the people we support, our staff, and people like family, friends and other professionals who are involved in the person’s life, or their “Circle of Support.” We believe that developing relationships with people is a critical and instrumental element to supporting people the way they want to be supported.

We believe that each individual must have the freedom to make their own choices and have those choices honored. This can be based on the individual’s unique social network, circumstances, personality, needs, abilities, and preferences. At the same time, we know that many people have not had a lot of practice in decision-making. So we want to make sure that they have as much support as they wish and need to learn, grow and live in their home. Sometimes it requires more structure; sometimes it will require giving more space. Sometimes it means that we honor the individual’s right to assume risk in an informed manner.

While much of our focus remains promoting independence of daily living skills, we also address the range of needs required for people to live in group situations, live independently, participate in their community, and be successful in their jobs. Our approach to working with people is recognizing that each individual has potential for lifelong learning and growth and we meet them where their skills and abilities need our support

Former Employee’s Testimonials

“You are such a big part of my journey to my career in social work.”-Monica Caldwell.  Monica is now a Social Worker for children and families in the Sacramento area. She helps families receive needed services and also to connects them to community resources and supports.

“Summer House was absolutely amazing to me and I often think about the work that I was able to do there.”- Abrie Guillen. Abrie is now a Behavior Consultant in Sacramento and works with kids on the autism spectrum.

“Working at Summer House definitely solidified my desire to do the type of work I do. I truly loved my time with the residents and all that I learned from them.”-Brittany Terry. Brittany is now a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working for the Sacramento County Office of Education in their new School Based Mental Health and Wellness program.

“Summer House taught me how to advocate for my own children as well as the causes that I am passionate about.”-Desiree Abassi. Desiree is a stay at home mom and has taken an active interest both local and national politics.  She has volunteered for 2 presidential campaigns, and 1 local campaign for California’s 4th Congressional District.

“Working at Summer House had such an impact on me and I will forever cherish my experience working with all of the residents during my time there.” -Lizabeth Ramirez-Lozover.   Lizabeth is now a Director of our Housing for Health program for a Homeless Health Care in Los Angeles.

“I loved my work at Summer house for the same reason I love my work now- I like connecting with people and helping them have just a little better of a day no matter how small.”- Lynsey Harting.   Lynsey has been a registered nurse for almost 12 years.

“I would like to extend huge thank you to Summer House for the work they do. My experience with them back in college gave me huge lessons on advocacy, patience, and community. It was there that I learned that even though we are all different, we are all really just the same.” -Oanh Nguyen. Oanh is now an ICU nurse in a medical surgical ICU in Sacramento.

Client’s Family Members Testimonials

“It has been over a year now that our daughter moved into Davis Summer House and our family feels quite lucky to have found such a wonderful place. Not only was the transition for our daughter to move in smooth, she moved into such a nice room with personal bathroom.  She receives excellent care by all the staff and our daughter is happy and most importantly healthy, especially in strange times like 2020.”-Karin Rohlfs

“There’s no place like home.”  Tom and our family think that sentiment perfectly describes Summer House.  Tom was the first resident at Summer House, Davis in 1994.  Young, friendly, and happy to move to a place with friends and fun, Tom lived the best of times and the life he was meant to have during his nearly three decades at Summer House.  Lots of music, outings, games, great food, and most of all folks who understood him and appreciated his loving qualities. 

 Tom has very limited verbal skills, but home is the place where words are less important than people knowing your heart.  Viewed by the outside world as disabled, home is where Tom could be seen as a young man – sometimes in love, occasionally silly, and always ready to be a good friend. 

 Looking back over photos, it’s obvious the best of times included camping trips, dancing at home or the Grad, eating out, fun holiday parties, and joking around with staff.   Summer House demands the best of their staff and it shows in the way they interact with the residents.  Home is the place folks can be themselves without judgement.  Where people encourage your strengths and assist your weakness.  Summer House is that home.

 As family members, we too, felt part of the Summer House family.  We were welcome in Tom’s home and had easy communication with all the residents and staff.  The manager and advocates were always just a phone call or email away.  Tom’s needs remained the priority and we comfortably worked as a team to achieve what Tom needed or wanted most.

 Tom lived at Summer House for 27 years.  He wished to stay forever.  But his level of care eventually exceeded what Summer House could offer.  His transition was as gentle as it could be.  Tom is now physically somewhere else, but his heart remains in the only place he calls home. -The Keller Family

Current Client’s Testimonials

“I love the activities that we do here. They’re lots of fun. I have good friends here. The staff is really cool and it’s a great place to live.”-Stassi

“My favorite thing about Davis Summer House is that I get to be with my friends and stuff like that. I love the evening drives.”-Ryan

“…Having awesome staff, cool friends, fun activities, going places like six flags. Being here with friends makes me feel better. COVID brought me closer to my friends, getting to know everyone is wonderful and I love the support and our temperatures and checkups make me feel better.:”-Amy

“I like living in Davis. The activities are fun. The art room, painting. Walks. Going places, making slime. Christmas cookies, songs, holiday Christmas lights. I love the holidays. Christmas miracles, Christmas spirit.”-Xenia

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Painting by a Davis Summer House resident.

Employment at Summer House