Supported Living- Services (SLS)

Supported Living Services program provides support to people who want to live independently in their own home. Individuals receiving support in this program can live alone or have roommates and staff would then come into the home to provide support. Support staff are selected by the individual receiving support and may exist as an hourly staff person or a paid roommate.

The purpose of the Summer House Supported Living Services program is to support individuals in choosing independent community living and provide support in the five principle areas: a home of one’s own, choice and self directed services, relationships, community membership, and flexible, tailored services and supports. We assist people with making informed decisions about where and how they live and the services they receive, while providing support necessary to ensure safety and security.

One factor that separates SLS from other services is flexibility. This is what allows supported living services to be so responsive to each individual. Because services are truly tailored to and designed by the individual, it is easier to customize supports as needs, preferences, or desires change.

SLS can support a person in creating their own unique lifestyle. The person is provided the freedom to make choices and have those choices honored. At the same time, we know that many people have not had a lot of practice in decision-making. We want to make sure that they have as much support as they wish and need to learn, grow and live in their home. It is important that we pay close attention to what people are telling us about their lives.

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Employment at Summer House

Because our focus has always been on maintaining quality service to people with developmental disabilities, our SLS program is intentionally a slow-growth program. We recognize it takes significant time and planning to bring a new person into the program because of the essential relationships that need to be developed between staff and that person. We want to make sure that we have a good understanding of people’s needs and preferences with regard to service, support and staffing. Summer House works diligently to involve the persons we support in the hiring process of their staff, hire quality staff and then ensure that the staff receive extensive training while working with individuals.

Our objectives with SLS are to provide opportunities for consumers to make their own choices and decisions regarding their everyday life, to participate in, and contribute to, community life through work, volunteer activities and community associations, to support consumers in community recreational, social and cultural events and activities, to assist consumers to build natural support networks, and provide instruction and support as needed in the areas of daily living skills.

How Do I Get More Information about Summer House Supported Living Services?
We’re happy to talk about any of our programs and provide information to people, even if they aren’t sure they are ready for Supported Living Services. Feel free to call the Program Manager at (530) 662-8111.

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