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Summer House Celebrates 50 Years of Service

This year marks Summer House, Inc.’s 50th anniversary, and we could not be more excited to celebrate all that Summer House has accomplished. Summer House’s venture started as a pilot program and a rented house, six clients, and five staff. Today, we have more than seventy team members and over eighty clients.

Since the start, Summer House has been committed to providing quality support and services to adults with intellectual developmental disabilities. We contribute our success to the partnerships we have developed with the individuals we support, our team members, families, friends, community members, and other professionals over the years. These partnerships helped contribute to our growth and evolution as an organization for 50 years and continue to carry us forward.

Summer House, Inc. has achieved some remarkable things since 1973. Here are just a few of the things we’re proudest of:

-Our four successful, thriving programs: Community Living Services (ILS), Supported Living Services (SLS), Woodland Summer House Adult Residential Facility, and Davis Summer House Residential Facility.

-Our low-income apartments for adults with developmental disabilities

-Our out of home respite services at Davis Summer House

-Some of the long-term careers of our team members: Steve Chambers (ILS) 32 years, Jamie Elliot (SLS) 24 years Veronica Cazares (SLS) 20 years, Julie Hunter (Admin) 20 years, Cheryl Christensen (DSH) 19 years, Autumn Contreras (ILS) 17 years, Roxanne Graciano (ILS) 17 years, Jill Hill (ILS) 15 years, Julie Kirby (Director) 14 years, Ben Witzel (DSH) 11 years, Tiffany Cruz (SLS) 10 years, and Roxana Palomares (Admin) 9 years.

-Our alumni and what they have achieved over the years: medical directors, physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, lawyers, speech pathologists, social workers, and teachers.

-The in-house CPR and First Aid training we provide with having a Summer House certified Red Cross Instructor

-Surviving the pandemic. Summer House rallied together and made sure our support and connections with our individuals never wavered. It was quite a humbling experience seeing the enthusiasm and dedication that went into keeping our clients not only safe but active during the pandemic, and the commitment to each other to keep our staff healthy and safe. The motto for us during that time was, to make a difference when it matters most!

Summer House, Inc. from the beginning has been a different kind of organization where the people we support are at the center of everything we do. This 50-year journey has not only been about providing care and support to individuals in our programs but about inspiring and nurturing the human spirit. We consistently assess and re-evaluate our goals to provide excellence, consistency, and impact. Summer House’s culture is an atmosphere and a “feeling” that both team members and clients share-alike. Where individuals are valued for their unique contributions and care for the well-being of each other. We are truly a part of something special! Cheers to 50 years of service and many more.

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