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Care Partner Quiz

A care partner’s role is to assist and support people who require care to live their lives with as much independence and choice as possible. Every day is different, and care partners often find themselves having to decide what action they should take in various situations.

Do you have what it takes to help support, encourage, and motivate others to live their lives with as much independence and choice as possible?

Take our care partner quiz and see whether a new career in human services would be right for you…

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Shelly stayed up late last night watching movies. Her alarm clock has been going off for the past 45 minutes, and her bus for her day program will arrive in 20 minutes. What will you do?

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During Nicholas' weekly grocery shopping trip, Nicholas decides he no longer wants to follow his goal of avoiding caffeine or soda. Instead, he asks you to put away a few of the healthy alternative beverages he has in his grocery cart.  He then asks that you place these items back on the shelf. What will you do?

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Jamie burned her hand curling her hair while getting ready for a date. You are worried this might happen again. What do you do?

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Tina’s apartment fire alarm is buzzing and flashing red lights. There is no smoke present and you suspect there is no fire. What will you do?

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Sam, who you support, has decided to adopt a cat and become a first-time pet owner. He has asked for your support with the adoption process. Unfortunately, his family disapproves and has asked you to discourage him from getting a pet.  What do you do?

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Debbie, who you support, is Catholic and wants support to go to her local church. You are not religious. What will you do?

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Julie returns home from a family visit when you realize she and her parents forgot to return one of her medications. What will you do?

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Aaron, who you support, is sensitive to loud noises. When Lisa, another client in the home, starts to hum and chirp loudly, Aaron goes into a panic. He starts pacing rapidly while crying and covering his ears. Aaron then picks up a nearby object in an attempt to throw it. What will you do?

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David and Tom, two clients in the home, start to argue loudly in the kitchen. The other clients in the house are starting to become upset by this. What will you do?

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George, who you support, is refusing to complete his laundry skills today. What will you do?

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New Dining room Table(s)(2 that seat 8 people each)

Computer for resident use

Educational games/ puzzles

Acrylic Paint

Paint Brushes


Multi-colored construction paper


New ceiling fans for kitchen

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