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P.O.Box 1724 Woodland, CA 95776

Woodland Summer House

This Community Care Licensed (570301295), Level 3, Adult Residential Facility (ARF) is home for 12 adults with developmental disabilities. Located near historical downtown Woodland, this home has successfully operated from this site since 1974. The purpose of the Woodland Summer House is to provide 24-hour support and supervision to adults with developmental disabilities. We focus on the different needs, wants, and abilities of residents without defining people by their disabilities. Our primary focus areas are to support people with the development of daily living skills, independent decision-making, problem solving, and community involvement. We also provide assistance with self-help skills and behavior management.

Our staff are carefully chosen and well trained to provide high quality care and support to people who live in the home. We use various forms of communication and teaching to support people including the following: demonstration, verbal instruction and cues, visual prompts (charts, checklists and instructive picture tools), modeling, role-playing, teaching in natural environments, and hand over hand instruction.

In addition to a well-trained and enthusiastic staff, Summer House provides an accessible, safe, clean, comfortable home. All residents have the privacy of their own bedrooms and for many, private baths. Residents may have a private telephone in their rooms, which they pay privately for at low Life-Line rates, and individual cable TV connection, which Summer House pays. A common telephone and cable TV in a common area is provided. The residents consider Woodland Summer House to be their home and, with staff support, they participate in the cleaning and maintenance of the home.

Woodland Summer House 2
Enjoying the backyard patio!
Woodland Summer House 1
Hanging out in the kitchen!

Employment at Summer House

Summer House maintains a reliable van for the enjoyment and well-being of the residents. The resident’s help choose and plan weekend recreational activities which are posted monthly.

Summer House staff will help residents to connect with any community resources that they are interested in and will promote the residents’ well-being. These resources can include doctors, dentists, counselors, psychiatrists, speech therapists, adult education classes, exercise classes, recreation programs, transportation companies, and travel companies.

Summer House provides 3 well balanced meals per day and choices of snacks in between. The residents participate in the meal planning and preparation of meals, and typically eat breakfast and dinner together family style.

The Woodland Summer House is designed to be both a transitional home for people who want to learn and practice their daily living skills in a supported environment before moving on to a more independent living environment, as well as, a home for people for long-term placement. Many of our residents have lived in the home for over 20 years.

We are always happy to set up individual tours of the home or a dinner visit so that people can see how staff and residents work together in this unique environment. For more information about the services we provide in the Woodland home please call the Program Manager at 530-662-8493.